Hi, I am Gerald Moncrief. I just moved just outside of Austin, Texas from the beautiful North West but Chicago will always be home.

I heard that a photographer is not the one that gets paid but the one that can solve problems.

I am self taught so to speak, however, how can I take credit for all the things I learned when there were so many photographers that I watched their videos and I learned from them.  

I don't think I have a style and it takes me a while to really know what I want during a shoot.  I have to see the clothing and the location before I figure out where I am going with it. 

 I am a hobbyist, but I have been getting more and more exposure and opportunities to learn and grow. I have had the pleasure of doing stills on independent film sets, events and weddings.  The best part is I get to say no without effecting a business.

The only goal I set for myself in photography is to just keep learning.  I do it for the love. I joined Model Mayhem to get experience working with models and I must say it hasn't been many from that site but it has been fun.  

I have met some really great people through the lens of my camera and I also have friends in countries that I have never even seen as well as one of my favorites places London.  

I share my work on a few site but in doing that it allows me a chance to view the work of photographers that I respect and look forward to seeing their art. 

Well that is the part of me that wants to grow in photography.