Okay, I hope i have a solution to my lack of motivation.  I recently purchased a few drones.  Three of the are basically toys and are just for me to get the experience flying them.  They have nothing to keep them from flying away in the wind but practice and even that isn't always enough.  The last one is much less a toy than an actual toy.  Took it out to fly yesterday but no pictures or video as of yet.  I was over water yesterday which is something I rarely do with the toys.  My only issue is the restriction. There are so many places you can't fly legally and I am all about not being fined.  However I think since I live in a place so flat now it will be a perspective that I will need to get out more.  I will be testing the water with doing videos as well.  I am so looking forward to see what I see.  I don't hate that I will not be able to see most city from the air but there are still a lot of place that are near water that I can fly out over the water and turn back to capture the city.

It's been a while

With moving to a new city, getting settled and finding a job.  I have been too busy living to live.  So, I haven't picked up my camera in sometime now.  I stepped away from all the photography sites and just real not doing anything to motivate myself.  So, I was suppose to go to a wedding in I thought Baton Rouge and it may have been there but since I couldn't connect with anyone there I drove to New Orleans which was part of the plan all the time.  I was too close to a city I have never seen to not go.  I walked around that night which would have been much nice if I was worried about getting rained on.  So, the camera and the tripod can get heavy by themselves but now I have an umbrella as well.  Most of the pictures were done before 11:00pm but I was back out before 6:00am right before I left the city.  Hopefully this will spark an interest to take more time out to smell the roses or at least photography them. 

Found a place

Wow! I haven't been able to enjoy view any photos in a while or even get to my own page that much lately.  It took me over a month to find a place to stay here in Texas.  I got to admit I wasn't spending the entire time looking.  I spent a good amount of time on the road visiting family.  Even got trapped in Baton Rouge for a day because of the flooding.  I have been have a real adventure even though most of it seems like I was just a viewer.  I had tires blow out from under me, trapped by water, seen a dead horse on the side of the road being picked a part by buzzers and then the best part I got to see the little people that make life worth living my Nieces and Nephews.  I'm not completely settled in and I am moving things in slowly.  I like it this way because I can bring things in a find a place for it and then bring more.  This weather is going to take some getting use too.  I am really not use to it being so hot so early in the morning. Before leaving Oregon a lot of good things came my way and they have change the way I view things.  The changes were for the better and now I just have to maintain them.  Looking forward to better. 

The Hunt

Haven't worked since the 13th of May and I think it's time to get back in the work force before I get to use to this life of discovery.  It's been great being able to wake up and just find somewhere to go just to take photos.  I love that people can do it for a living but I have hack the how to on that life yet.  Moving to a hotter climate has reminded me why I avoided it for so long but it's just another challenge that I will get pass.  So, what has happen since I moved.  Had a blow out on the trailer that was tolling my car and the sparks from the trailer started 3 small fires.  Got a late start on storing my things and even with a breeze that 90 plus degree day was no fun.  Only spent one night in the new city but still got up and 2:00am to get out and take some photos before driving 9 hours to visit family.  The week here has been spent mostly in the house under the AC, I know it's not the best way to get use to the heat but it's the most comfortable way to avoid it.  One more day and then I am off to Houston to see my god-daughter and maybe my cousin.  Then the hunt is on.

New City

Been offline for a bit moving to a new city.  Took a few pictures along the way, stop and hung out with family, had a blow out with the trailer that was pulling my car but made it safe with almost everything surviving.  New city is Austin, Texas but I spent one night took some nightscapes and drive to Mississippi to visit more family.  Looking forward to new adventures. 

New Discovery

Yesterday I discovered a park.  Never mind that it's been there for years and that there were people already there.  It was my discovery.   I didn't have a flag with me at the time but that is besides the point it is mines now.  :-)

Photographic Weekend

Friday, wanted to shoot the Balloon Festival but it was cloudy and wet and no balloons were going up.  So, later that day looked out the window and saw lots of great clouds and beautiful light.  Had no idea where I wanted to go just got in the car and found myself in Portland.  So, first thought was the photographic all the church I have been to.  Had to scrape that idea been to a lot of churches and don't remember all the names or locations to them all.  So, I went to some where I have been many times before Peninsula Rose Garden Park.  Now, I am going to photography the park that I have done many times the same way.  I didn't do it.  I tried framing things differently not all successful but still different.  The I had the idea to get the sunset or one of the few interstate bridges that you can walk across.  So, drove to Jantzen Beach, parked and walked almost half way across.  After that still wasn't done so another place that I have been more times than I should but pointed the camera in direction that I didn't normally point it, used the bridge that I normally would be there just to photography as a frame for other subjects. Then that moves me into Saturday.  I drove to Seattle to take pictures for a graduation for the cuties little children.  I'm not big on shooting events but I had a great time.  Before shooting the graduation I found another spot to capture the city that I hadn't been before.  Which brings me full circle on Sunday back at the Balloon Festival.  I think I have two more long drives in me before I start keeping in local again. Well at least as far as driving is concern.

New Glass

Feeling good about the images to come.  I got some new glass today and just from the few test shoots I have taken the focus is quicker and more reliable. 

Shooting Sports

When I purchased my cameras I purchased them with the idea to photograph people that is why I went with the 5D do by no means do I want to do sports.  However, I had fun trying to capture some action yesterday at a baseball game.  I think I got one shot the whole time that had any action that I would think was important.  It was the bat being cracked and flying toward the pitcher.  This picture was the best one I got and even it was a failure.  If I had been a fraction of a second slower it would have been a picture I could have really been happy with. 

Yesterday's adventure

Just outside my door the sky was beautiful but when I looked to the east the way I was planning on going there was patches of thick rain clouds in the sky. I was hoping for an open sky near where I wanted to go and as I drove that were dark areas and then there would be these patches of beautiful light that made me not want to turn around.  When I got to Eagle Creek Trails.  I was back under dark gloomy skies but since I had already drove an hour in a half I decided to hike the trails anyway.  As I hike up the path was covered with thick trees and there wasn't much to see. Thank GOD for the trees more on that later.  However, there were a few clearings where I could take a shot or two.  When I stop to take the last set of photos on the trail I could see the top but when I looked behind me I could see rain clouds blowing my way.  Rain gear in the car, I decided it was time to turn back.  This would not have been such a great K2 movie. As I was walking back down I heard the rain but I wasn't getting wet.  Remember above thank GOD for the trees.  Well made it back to the car and was ready to head home.  As I got back on the interstate I saw the most amazing sunset in front of me..I stopped that first state park I came to and got out, there was a photographer there taking pictures of his dogs with the sun to his back.  He asked me, so you saw the rainbow and I was like what rainbow.  Just opposite of that sunset was a beautiful double rainbow.  He asked If I wanted a shot with his dogs in the frame and yes I did.  So, after I got my shot he pack up and left.  I stayed there for about 5 minutes more getting more shots of the rainbow and the sunset.  Then back on the interstate where the sunset made me stop at the next two state parks. So, all in all it was a four park day and it all started with a hope of seeing one.

Last couple of days

The last couple of days have been great with a mixture of puffy with clouds, open sky and rain clouds.  I have been so excited about the sky I have not been able to wait till the light would be best.  I am finding places close to home that for some reason I didn't know they were around me.  I guess it really matters what you choice to search for.  So, instead of going back out to catch the best light I have just enjoyed it with no camera.  Hopefully this weekend I will get the light as well. As of now it doesn't look like today will be that day. 

Oregon State University Class of 2016

Yesterday, I attended the graduation of a young woman that I have know for about 8 years now.  She is someone that I admire and respect so much.  Since, I have known her I have got to watch her start high school, get her first boyfriend, graduate from high school, start and graduated from college.  I am so proud to see her getting ready to start this new phase in her life.  I love her dearly. 

Photoshoot at Horsetail Falls

Haven't shoot at a location like this in a while and I didn't get there at the best time to catch the perfect light.  However, I still enjoyed the shoot.  This is one of my  favorites shots from yesterday. 

Write this note to yourself

It doesn't matter what anyone tells you about your passion.  Do it your way!!!  Heart and the willingness to learn can out weight experience.  Be true to yourself because copying someone else only makes you a mini me (the person you are copying).

High Speed Sync with your strobe

So, I have been watching videos on YouTube about getting your strobe to fire at high shutter speeds.  All of them were about you buying more equipment instead of telling you have to do it with the things you may already have.  So, here you go! If you already have a flash that you can trigger in high speed and a strobe that will fire if it's sees another flash (optical trigger) than point your flash at the strobe and set your shutter above your camera sync speed and enjoy your results. The setup I use is my AlienBees 800 triggered by pocket wizards.  However, make sure if you have had your pocket wizards for a while update the firmware.  The latest is 6.9.0 version.

Heterosexual Male Photographer

I am increasingly surprise by what I think are very odd questions from women.  One do you sleep with the women you photograph?  I really thought that was a stupid question when men would ask it and now that women are asking it too.  I think our society has really taken a crap.  To me it like being angry with your woman for going to her gynecologist.  Are people asking that same question to doctors? Two, do you enjoy taken pictures of women?  Refer to the title above, duh, yes!!!  I say all the time that photography is a passion of mines, you would think that would translate, I just enjoy taking photos period.  I don't know how many time on the way to work when I didn't have my camera with me that I would get to the corner and the light would be so beautiful shining off that gas station and I would take out my phone and take that picture over and over.  So the answer to the first question is no.  I have never met someone to take their photos and tried to sleep with them.  Have I been in involved with people and took their photo, yes, but was with them before I took the pictures.  I know this will not stop the questions but just had to put it in writing so hopeful people will start asking doctors do you sleep with sick people if you are attracted to them.  It's only fair :-)