Quick idea of how my weekend is being spent.  Started a series of 200 photography videos on youtube and it's 5:00am and I am on video 95 now.  My weekend start Sunday morning, and I have manage to do other things.  I completely cleaned up downstairs plus cleaned the carpet and I am using a lot of water this time, doing a deep clean.   Today, I have been invited by a FaceBook friend to take pictures at the Chinese Garden as her guest after closing hours and I am so looking forward to it.  We also will be meeting for the first time on top of that.  The great thing about that is since I am a junkie for art history and I admire that fact that artist of the past, knew and liked each other and even hung out with one another.  They respected each other which doesn't seem to be the case with artist now.  I don't consider myself as a artist I just can't get my mind around that one, however, I do like talking shop and always interested in how we see things so differently.  Tuesdays have been working out as my day of rest so I will see if this Tuesday will work out to be another day of rest or will I find myself somewhere not planned.