Okay, I know it's just me because I haven't really seen anyone talking about it.  So, what happen to the photographers that started off saying gear doesn't matter, it's knowing how to get the most out of it, and now, you really need this certain item to make your photography stand out.  So, it got me wondering if I would sell out my principal for a free camera gear.  I think I just might but I also hope that I would stick to a brand that works for me.  My first digital DSLR was a Sony and I started working with another photographer who thought it would be better if we used the same brand so I switched to Canon.  I sold my Sony and upgraded my Canon and then I missed having my Sony as my walk-around so I went out and got another one.  So, here I am again a two brand type of guy.  I love both brands for different reasons but I think it would really take something I thought I couldn't live without to make me start all over building up a series of lenses.