I really got to stop looking at picture at night.  I got so caught up with the idea of capturing the the reflection of Mt. Hood off a body of water with the sunrising in the background.  Well, I checked the weather, sunny no clouds check.  I checked what time the sun would rise 6:18am, checked.  Distance and time to get there an hour and thirty minutes so I will leave at 4:00am, check.  Now the unforeseen issues, the road is closed, okay there's another route that drove me right into someone's back yard.  Okay, plan 2 just find a scenic spot before the sun come up, checked.  Found a river, camera is set up just got to wait.  Too much hase I can't see the sun.  Plan 3 should have been go home but no wait, I will stop somewhere on the gorge.  Still can't see the mountian, hmm.  Okay get what you can to kill some time.  No, mountain and I have to work tonight so just go home but wait again, drive through St. Johns.  I got one picture that I really like there but that one would have never be planned by me.  It was green algee along side a pier but it was an amazing looking green.  Now I can go home.