This is my rant about the post office glad you exist but not to happy with you right now.  I ordered Jay's New Book – Light, Gesture & Color about 3 weeks ago now.  Since it didn't show up I went to the book store which had a little to do with why I am upset with the post office.  The person placing the order for me misspelled the city instead of spelling it Hillsboro they spelled it Hillsbor just dropping the "O".  Now mind you everything else is correct.  Where is my book?  On the way back to the warehouse because the post office couldn't figure out what city to delivery it to.  So, because of the policy of the warehouse they will issue me check back for my purchase instead of resending the book.  Which means I would need to go back to the store to reorder it.  Which will take about 2 weeks to get.  The kicker is that it will also take 2 weeks to get the check back.  So, now I am up to 6 weeks if I reorder.  To keep my mind off it I got 2 other books one from another great photographer Steve McCurry "The Iconic Photographs" and the other is "Vanity Fair 100 Years From the Jazz Age to Our Age" .  Wow, long title.  I think that is going to be one of my new hobbies collecting art books.  Almost forgot about my  Post office you have been in business of delivering the mail for a lot of years now.  You use to have a slogan that nothing can stop the USPS from delivering the mail.  Correction a misspelling can.  Other than that you guys do a great but stop putting them ad papers in my mailbox and complaining when I don't take them out.