Just outside my door the sky was beautiful but when I looked to the east the way I was planning on going there was patches of thick rain clouds in the sky. I was hoping for an open sky near where I wanted to go and as I drove that were dark areas and then there would be these patches of beautiful light that made me not want to turn around.  When I got to Eagle Creek Trails.  I was back under dark gloomy skies but since I had already drove an hour in a half I decided to hike the trails anyway.  As I hike up the path was covered with thick trees and there wasn't much to see. Thank GOD for the trees more on that later.  However, there were a few clearings where I could take a shot or two.  When I stop to take the last set of photos on the trail I could see the top but when I looked behind me I could see rain clouds blowing my way.  Rain gear in the car, I decided it was time to turn back.  This would not have been such a great K2 movie. As I was walking back down I heard the rain but I wasn't getting wet.  Remember above thank GOD for the trees.  Well made it back to the car and was ready to head home.  As I got back on the interstate I saw the most amazing sunset in front of me..I stopped that first state park I came to and got out, there was a photographer there taking pictures of his dogs with the sun to his back.  He asked me, so you saw the rainbow and I was like what rainbow.  Just opposite of that sunset was a beautiful double rainbow.  He asked If I wanted a shot with his dogs in the frame and yes I did.  So, after I got my shot he pack up and left.  I stayed there for about 5 minutes more getting more shots of the rainbow and the sunset.  Then back on the interstate where the sunset made me stop at the next two state parks. So, all in all it was a four park day and it all started with a hope of seeing one.