I am increasingly surprise by what I think are very odd questions from women.  One do you sleep with the women you photograph?  I really thought that was a stupid question when men would ask it and now that women are asking it too.  I think our society has really taken a crap.  To me it like being angry with your woman for going to her gynecologist.  Are people asking that same question to doctors? Two, do you enjoy taken pictures of women?  Refer to the title above, duh, yes!!!  I say all the time that photography is a passion of mines, you would think that would translate, I just enjoy taking photos period.  I don't know how many time on the way to work when I didn't have my camera with me that I would get to the corner and the light would be so beautiful shining off that gas station and I would take out my phone and take that picture over and over.  So the answer to the first question is no.  I have never met someone to take their photos and tried to sleep with them.  Have I been in involved with people and took their photo, yes, but was with them before I took the pictures.  I know this will not stop the questions but just had to put it in writing so hopeful people will start asking doctors do you sleep with sick people if you are attracted to them.  It's only fair :-)