Friday, wanted to shoot the Balloon Festival but it was cloudy and wet and no balloons were going up.  So, later that day looked out the window and saw lots of great clouds and beautiful light.  Had no idea where I wanted to go just got in the car and found myself in Portland.  So, first thought was the photographic all the church I have been to.  Had to scrape that idea been to a lot of churches and don't remember all the names or locations to them all.  So, I went to some where I have been many times before Peninsula Rose Garden Park.  Now, I am going to photography the park that I have done many times the same way.  I didn't do it.  I tried framing things differently not all successful but still different.  The I had the idea to get the sunset or one of the few interstate bridges that you can walk across.  So, drove to Jantzen Beach, parked and walked almost half way across.  After that still wasn't done so another place that I have been more times than I should but pointed the camera in direction that I didn't normally point it, used the bridge that I normally would be there just to photography as a frame for other subjects. Then that moves me into Saturday.  I drove to Seattle to take pictures for a graduation for the cuties little children.  I'm not big on shooting events but I had a great time.  Before shooting the graduation I found another spot to capture the city that I hadn't been before.  Which brings me full circle on Sunday back at the Balloon Festival.  I think I have two more long drives in me before I start keeping in local again. Well at least as far as driving is concern.