Haven't worked since the 13th of May and I think it's time to get back in the work force before I get to use to this life of discovery.  It's been great being able to wake up and just find somewhere to go just to take photos.  I love that people can do it for a living but I have hack the how to on that life yet.  Moving to a hotter climate has reminded me why I avoided it for so long but it's just another challenge that I will get pass.  So, what has happen since I moved.  Had a blow out on the trailer that was tolling my car and the sparks from the trailer started 3 small fires.  Got a late start on storing my things and even with a breeze that 90 plus degree day was no fun.  Only spent one night in the new city but still got up and 2:00am to get out and take some photos before driving 9 hours to visit family.  The week here has been spent mostly in the house under the AC, I know it's not the best way to get use to the heat but it's the most comfortable way to avoid it.  One more day and then I am off to Houston to see my god-daughter and maybe my cousin.  Then the hunt is on.