Wow! I haven't been able to enjoy view any photos in a while or even get to my own page that much lately.  It took me over a month to find a place to stay here in Texas.  I got to admit I wasn't spending the entire time looking.  I spent a good amount of time on the road visiting family.  Even got trapped in Baton Rouge for a day because of the flooding.  I have been have a real adventure even though most of it seems like I was just a viewer.  I had tires blow out from under me, trapped by water, seen a dead horse on the side of the road being picked a part by buzzers and then the best part I got to see the little people that make life worth living my Nieces and Nephews.  I'm not completely settled in and I am moving things in slowly.  I like it this way because I can bring things in a find a place for it and then bring more.  This weather is going to take some getting use too.  I am really not use to it being so hot so early in the morning. Before leaving Oregon a lot of good things came my way and they have change the way I view things.  The changes were for the better and now I just have to maintain them.  Looking forward to better.