With moving to a new city, getting settled and finding a job.  I have been too busy living to live.  So, I haven't picked up my camera in sometime now.  I stepped away from all the photography sites and just real not doing anything to motivate myself.  So, I was suppose to go to a wedding in I thought Baton Rouge and it may have been there but since I couldn't connect with anyone there I drove to New Orleans which was part of the plan all the time.  I was too close to a city I have never seen to not go.  I walked around that night which would have been much nice if I was worried about getting rained on.  So, the camera and the tripod can get heavy by themselves but now I have an umbrella as well.  Most of the pictures were done before 11:00pm but I was back out before 6:00am right before I left the city.  Hopefully this will spark an interest to take more time out to smell the roses or at least photography them.