Okay, I hope i have a solution to my lack of motivation.  I recently purchased a few drones.  Three of the are basically toys and are just for me to get the experience flying them.  They have nothing to keep them from flying away in the wind but practice and even that isn't always enough.  The last one is much less a toy than an actual toy.  Took it out to fly yesterday but no pictures or video as of yet.  I was over water yesterday which is something I rarely do with the toys.  My only issue is the restriction. There are so many places you can't fly legally and I am all about not being fined.  However I think since I live in a place so flat now it will be a perspective that I will need to get out more.  I will be testing the water with doing videos as well.  I am so looking forward to see what I see.  I don't hate that I will not be able to see most city from the air but there are still a lot of place that are near water that I can fly out over the water and turn back to capture the city.