Today, I picked a place on the Washington coast a place I had never heard from.  I looked at the weather and saw that it was going to be a light rain.  I was hoping that the wind would be blowing just hard enough and that I would have some good wave striking the shore.  I tuned into the weather report for the coast and there were severe weather alerts and now I am excited.  I started wishing for lighting and light rain on shore but heavy at sea.  However, what I got was a sea that was priceless it was as if it was angry and wanted to take it out on the shoreline.  I got my strong wind but no lighting and I got rain on shore that was heavier than I wanted.  Just when I got out the car I saw the umbrella that was still by the front door in my mind.  Dayum it I forgot it.  So, rain drops are on my lens but I still got some pictures that I like.  I have to go back one day.